What is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor is a person who invests his or her own money in new or emerging companies in exchange for a stake in the ownership or profits of the companies. These investors generally look for companies with high growth potential and are willing to take on greater risk in exchange for greater reward in the event of success. Angel investors often provide more than just money to companies, they can also provide business advice and expertise to help the company grow and succeed.


Angel Investors and Team of the ATACAMA ANGELS NETWORK at the launch of the network in March 2023.

Who are our investors?

The northern region of Chile has an angel investment network made up of sixteen business people committed to creating the first initiative of this type in the area. This network is made up of 7 businesswomen and 9 businessmen belonging to various sectors or industries, such as services, mining and real estate, among others. All of them have extensive experience in the creation and development of business projects, and have decided to dedicate part of their capital to investing in dynamic early-stage ventures.


Nine of the members of the network (three women and six men) have completed and obtained the “Investment Readiness” diploma, which has provided them with solid training in key topics related to investment, the steps and critical elements of the negotiation process. , the creation of investment portfolios and co-investments.


Thanks to the combination of the experience and knowledge of its members, this network of investors aims to support and finance innovative and promising projects in the northern region of Chile, in order to promote the economic and business development of the area.

Selection and incorporation process of new investors

Strategic Partners

In our network of angel investors, we have a wide network of strategic allies that allows us to provide greater value to our entrepreneurs. From accelerators and incubators, regional government and businesses, our allies give us access to a wide range of opportunities to support the growth and success of our early-stage entrepreneurs. We are proud to work together with them to promote the business and economic development of our region.

GORE Región de Antofagasta
GobCL Min. de Desarrollo Social
GobCL Min. de Economía
Fundación Minera Escondida
Fundación Mi Norte
Aster by Magical
SQM Lithium Ventures
Endeavor Chile
Pitch at the Beach
Anjos do Brasil
OIKO Credit
Sawu FMN
Asociación de Industriales de Antofagasta
Asociación de Industriales de Iquique
Asociación de Industriales de Arica
MICP Legal
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