Operation Model

1. Startup Application

Startups may apply through the application form on our website, as well as through our alliances and networks via recommendation.

2. Selection

The applicant startups will go through a selection process according to the elements mentioned in the startup preselection criteria section and the network guidelines.

3. Consulting and Pitch Sessions

The team will offer advice for carrying out the pitches of the selected startups and they must present themselves to a pitch in front of the angel investors.

4. Due diligence

The selected projects will go through a validation and certification process of the information provided and requested by the team during the process.

5. Negotiation and closing

The participation percentage, amount, terms and conditions will be negotiated to finalize the Angel investment in the selected startups.

6. Monitoring and mentoring

The startups will be monitored by the team according to the terms and conditions agreed upon in the negotiation, and mentoring will also be offered during the period of the board participation in the startup.

Startup Pre-Selection Criteria

The preselection of startups will be based on the following elements for its first filter:


Atacama Angels does not have a specific focus, startups focused on mining, finance, health, agriculture, tourism, education, energy, logistics, among others, can apply.


Entrepreneurships that have a minimum viable product (MPV) in the market, pilot and/or sales will be considered.


Priority will be given to startups in early stages (up to three years and half of activity).


Ventures with scalable technological solutions that incorporate software, hardware, IoT, artificial intelligence, among others, will be considered. Also, NON-technological ventures with high scalability potential.


Priority will be given to ventures that have an MPV, that have started sales and that are clear about the market they are targeting, whether regional, national and/or international.

If you are interested on applying to Atacama Angels, Click on the link: